Paw Harvester Heavy Duty

Model # B-PH-HDH

PATENT #: 6283848 B1

Automatically fed, hydraulically powered and designed to remove the paws of all size birds lots, Model B-PH-HDH Paw Harvester from Berry Plumbing & Equipment will handle any line speed and provide a significant increase in yield.


The Berry Plumbing & Equipment Paw Harvester Model B-PH-HDH is constructed entirely of stainless steel and UHMW for durability and easy cleanup.


Automatically fed and hydraulically powered, the Berry Paw Harvester Model B-PH-HDH matches the speed of your Overhead Conveyor. Installed at the end of the Kill Line, the Paw Harvester features brushes that gently clean the foot while perfectly positioning it in the shackle for a consistently straight cut at whatever length you require. The Paw Harvester blade then cleanly cuts and separates the paw from the knuckle, allowing for easy processing of any size paws.


The Berry Model B-PH-HDH demonstrated a significant increase in yield when compared in tests to our competitors.


With proper operation, regular cleaning and lubrication of bearings, the only other maintenance the Model B-PH-HDH Paw Harvester requires is an occasional sharpening of the Paw Harvester blade.


Berry Plumbing & Equipment offers a Hydraulic Power Unit for operation of the B-PH-HDH. Also the Berry Paw Harvester with Reject Chute and Air Control Box is available for the option of whole paw harvesting.