Bird Scrubber 3

Model # B-BS-3

The Berry Bird Scrubber B-BS-3 is constructed of stainless steel material designed as a round cabinet. It has the capacity to cleanse up to 300 birds per minute. The Berry Bird Scrubber 3 should be positioned after the killer and before the scalders on the picking line or after the inspectors but before the bird chiller on the evisceration line. The continuous motion of the fingers brushing the bird combined with the spray nozzles rinsing the matter away results in a reduction of the level of contamination. Poultry processing plants may spend upward of $25,000 per month for on line processing aids to reduce contamination. The B-BS-3 should drastically reduce or possibly eliminate the need for the on-line additives thereby reducing the cost incurred.


Berry Bird Scrubbers are available with either fingers or brushes.