Backup Foot Unloader 2

Model # B-FU-2

Berry's Model B-FU-2 Foot Unloader can operate independently or as a backup to your Berry Paw Harvester.


The Berry Plumbing & Equipment Model B-FU-2 Foot Unloader is constructed of stainless steel with rubber flap brushes for durability and easy cleanup. All surfaces of the Foot Unloader are designed and manufactured with smooth rounded edges.


The Foot Unloader Model B-FU-2 is suspended from the overhead conveyor track by an adjustable framework that allows perfect alignment to be easily achieved. Two banks of rubber flap panels rotate in an upward direction, lifting the foot out of the shackle.


Berry's Foot Unloader Model B-FU-2 is simple in design with very few moving parts so that it requires very little maintenance aside from regular daily cleaning. Bearings should be greased regularly and flap panels inspected for wear to maintain maximum performance.