IP Salvage Station

Model # B-IPS-1/2

Berry's Model B-IPS-1 & 2 IP Salvage Station is a work table providing cone mounts and shower wash.Model B-IPS-1 & 2 is constructed of stainless steel with brass spray nozzles for durability and easy cleanup


The IP Salvage Station is available in two standard configurations, Model B-IPS-1 and B-IPS-2. The former is a single station enclosed on sides and back. It is provided with a shower nozzle with valve and a separate water saver valve. The latter is a two sided multi-station unit with a center divider. Four cones are mounted on each side of the table, each with its own shower nozzle and valve.


Birds are mounted on the IP Salvage Station's stainless steel cones where any contaminated product is cut away. Waste falls through the grate table top into the hopper below which is provided with a drain. Each cone is installed beneath a shower wash nozzle with a convenient valve.


Berry's IP Salvage Station Model B-IPS-1 & 2 requires very little maintenance aside from regular daily cleaning.