Bird Scrubber 2, 96" Model

Model # B-BS2-96

Hydraulic or electric motors rotate the nylon brushes in a downward motion, gently scrubbing and removing fecal matter and cuticle as the overhead conveyor carries the bird through the Bird/Wing Scrubber B-BS-2-96. In both sides of the scrubber, a water rail with spray jets rinses away fecal matter and debris while keeping the brushes clean. Two sets of horizontally and vertically adjustable guide bars keep any size bird stable as it is cleaned.


Berry Bird Scrubbers are available with either fingers or brushes.


The Berry Bird/Wing Scrubber 2 - 96 is designed for maximum safety and ease of operation. The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel for durability and easy cleanup.


The Berry Bird/Wing Scrubber 2 - 96 is hydraulically or electrically driven and built of Stainless Steel. The machine is capable of processing up to 300 BPM.


With proper operation, the only other maintenance the Berry Bird/Wing Scrubber 2 - 96 requires is daily cleaning and checking of various parts such as the bearings, gears and rollers for wear and fractures.