Gizzard Inspection Table

Model # B-GT-2

The Berry Plumbing & Equipment Gizzard Inspection Table Model B-GT-2 is constructed entirely of stainless steel. The stainless steel perforated work top is removable in three separate pieces for easy access for cleaning or maintenance. After your Berry Gizzard harvester and defatter have processed the gizzards, convey them to the B-GT-2 Gizzard Inspection Table where an operator working at either of the two stations can easily inspect them and clean any missed membranes by simply guiding the gizzard over the specially designed peeler rollers which pull the waste into the hopper underneath the table. The product is then placed into the trough at the front of the table and flushed out through stainless steel tubing to be chilled. Waste is discharged from the hopper through a drain at the bottom. Berry's improved ergonomic design reduces movement and increases yield.