Breast Cartilage System, Shorter

Model # BCHS-BPE-9888 (RH) or 9889 (LH

PATENT #: 62833847 B1

The Berry Plumbing & Equipment Model BBCHS-BPE-9888 (RH) or BBCHS-BPE-9889 (LH) is fed by a Cone Deboning line and powered by 110 volts. It is designed to cleanly and efficiently remove the cartilage from the carcass. This machine will handle the same capacity as your Cone Deboning line.


The Berry Breast Cartilage Harvester is designed for maximum safety and ease of operation. The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel and uhmw for durability and easy cleanup.


Installed at the end of the Cone Deboning line, with proper adjustment of its unique combination of guide bars and stationary blades, the Berry Breast Cartilage Harvest System cleanly and efficiently separates the cartilage from the carcass. Automatically matches the speed and capacity of the Cone Line.


Almost maintenance free except for keeping the blades sharpened and guide bars adjusted for optimum performance.Requires daily regular cleaning.