Foot Picker Water Recirculation

Model # BPS-BPE-9760 (right hand)

The Berry Foot Picker Water Recirculation Series, Model BPS-BPE-9759(LH) or BPE-BPE-9760(RH) is designed as the perfect compliment to your Berry Paw Harvesting System. The picker fingers gently massage the paws to remove any remaining cuticle without damaging the product. Water and heavy solids are then filtered through the cabinet underneath the picker. Solids are diverted to the drain while water returns to the pump for recirculation back to the steam valve for proper temperature then re-circulated back into the picker.


The frame and cabinet of the Berry Plumbing & Equipment Foot Picker Water Recirculation Series is constructed of stainless steel and nyloil for durability and easy cleanup. Picking fingers are made of rubber, and spray nozzles are made of plastic.


Paws are deposited into the Foot Picker Water Recirculation Series from the Paw Harvester. Here they are gently cleaned as they traverse a system of fixed and rotating fingers and pressurized water which remove all remaining cuticle from the paws. Waste falls from the Foot Picker Water Recirculation Series through the perforated basin into a catch pan under the picker. Paws emerge thoroughly cleaned with very little damage to the product.


Berry Plumbing & Equipment Company designers and technicians have taken great care in assuring that the Model Foot Picker Water Recirculation Series is manufactured with smooth rounded surfaces and easily removable covers to make thorough clean up easy for cleaning personnel. Maintenance required is cleaning, regular greasing of bearings and chains and checking for worn fingers.