Paw Tracking Conveyor System

Model # B-PTCS

The Berry Plumbing & Equipment Paw Tracking Conveyor System , is constructed entirely of stainless steel and plastic belting for durability and easy cleanup. The Paw Tracking Conveyor System features a Five stack conveyor system which eliminates the need and the expense to add track, also cutting cost of additional shackles and chain to the picking line. This conveyor system will take up approximately 12 feet of floor space per section and is designed so that multiple sections can be added as needed to give you the required buffer time for correct tracking of paws. When pressing any paw reject button, the rejected paws will be discarded before the picker by use of a reject chute. This technology has long been a part of the Berry Paw Recovery System capabilities. Berry Plumbing & Equipment's Paw Recovery System tracks each individual set of paws with this inline conveyor system the same as our standard recovery system, giving you the maximum paw yield you desire and the peace of mind that you are operating within the current USDA guidelines. Contact Berry Plumbing & Equipment for more information