Paw Harvester Extended

Model # B-PH-EXT-48-LH/RH

PATENT #: 6283848 B1

Automatically fed, hydraulically powered and designed to remove the paws of all size birds lots, Model B-PH-EXT-48-LH/RH Paw Harvester from Berry Plumbing & Equipment will handle any line speed and provide a significant increase in yield.


The Berry Plumbing & Equipment Paw Harvester is constructed entirely of stainless steel and UHMW for durability and easy cleanup.


Regular cleaning of machine, along with checking hydraulic oil in motors, bearings for lubrication, sharpening of blade, normal wear & tear of other parts such as the teflon guide bar.


Berry Plumbing & Equipment offers a Hydraulic Power Unit for operation of the B-PH-EXT-48-LH/RH.