Whole Foot Harvester

Model # B-WFH

As customer demand changes, Berry Plumbing & Equipment is leading the industry in Paw Harvesting with our new Berry Whole Foot Harvester. Now the customer can harvest the entire paw with knuckle. This machine is compatible with the Berry Paw Recovery System.


The Berry Plumbing & Equipment Whole Foot Harvester is constructed entirely of stainless steel, aluminum, and UHMW for durability and easy cleanup.


Automatically fed and hydraulically powered, the Berry Whole Foot HarvesterModel B-WFH matches the speed of your Overhead Line. Installed at the end of the Kill Line, the Whole Foot Harvester features brushes that gently pull the foot to allow harvesting of the whole foot with knuckle.


With proper operation, regular cleaning and lubrication of bearings, the only other maintenance the Model B-PH-RH/LH Paw Harvester requires is adjustment of guidebars and replacement of worn consumable parts.


Berry Plumbing & Equipment offers a Hydraulic Power Unit for operation of the B-WFH.