Foot Pad Scrubber-HDH

Model # B-FPS-HDH-G2

Automatically fed, hydraulically powered and designed to improve the appearance of the paws of all size bird's lots; the Berry Foot Pad Scrubber Heavy Duty Hydraulic, Model B-FPS-HDH-G2 from Berry Plumbing & Equipment will handle any line speed.


The Berry Plumbing & Equipment Foot Pad Scrubber Model B-FPS-HDH-G2 is constructed entirely of stainless steel and UHMW for durability and easy cleanup.


Automatically fed and hydraulically powered, the Berry Foot Pad Scrubber Model B-FPS-HDH-G2 matches the speed of your Overhead Conveyor. Installed after the Berry Dip Tank, the Foot Pad Scrubber features two brushes that massage the foot, assisting in removal of ammonia burns, cuticle, and even fecal matter.


With proper operation and regular cleaning, the only other maintenance the Foot Pad Scrubber Model B-FPS-HDH-G2 requires is lubrication of bearings.


Berry Plumbing & Equipment offers a Hydraulic Power Unit for operation of the B-FPS-HDH-G2 The Berry Heavy Duty Hydraulic Foot Pad Scrubber is designed in a Right Hand and Left Hand model machine.

The Ammonia Paw Scraper is designed for the Berry Foot Pad Scrubbers. The APS attachment fits on a specially designed brush and shaft and is positioned as the top brush on the Berry Foot Pad Scrubbers. The ammonia paw scraper attachment goes on the exit end to aid in the removal of ammonia burns from the paws.