Water Screen 60 Series

Model # B-WS-6-60

The Berry Water Re-Use Screen 6 is designed to filter out all heavy solids, separating them from the water coming from the final bird washers and reusing that water in various areas throughout the plant. The screen is made up of stainless steel construction and is gear to gear driven. Capable of recycling up to 60 gallons of water per minute.


The Berry WS6 is designed for maximum safety and ease of operation. The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel and uhmw for durability and easy cleanup.


The Berry WS6 is a gear driven rotary screen built of stainless steel construction that is capable of recycling up to 60 GPM of water from the bird washers and/or other processing equipment.


With proper operation, the only other maintenance the Berry WS6 requires is daily cleaning and checking of various parts such as the bearings, gears and rollers for wear and fractures.