Cascading Waterfall-10 ft

Model # B-CWW-1-10 FT

The Model B-CW-1-SS Berry Single Sided Cascading Waterfall for Wings will enhance yield throughout the slaughter process by allowing customers to reduce the temperatures of the Bird Scalders without sacrificing wing quality. The cascade of water is directed toward the back of the birds and across the wings. This method directly scalds the wings to aid in removal of the cuticle and feathers.


The Berry CW-1-SS is designed for maximum safety and ease of operation. The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel for durability and easy cleanup.


Hot water is fed into the Berry Cascading Waterfall Reservoir and mixes with steam to create a cascade of water to scald the wings as the shackles travel through the waterfall. Water temperatures ranging between 120" and 180" are recommended for best results. Excess water can be recycled through methods such as a Berry Water Reuse Screen or Collection Tank to reduce water usage and cost.


With proper operation, the only maintenance the Berry Single Sided Cascading Waterfall requires is daily cleaning and checking of various parts such as the guide bars & hardware for wear and tear.