Bird Counter

Model # B-BC-1

The Berry Bird Counter has been developed to give a precise count of the number of birds that are processed. The birds pass through allocated sets of electronic photo eyes which then sends the count information to a small PLC that can be installed at almost any location. As shown in the sample picture above, information gathered is split into categories, is highly accurate, and easy to maintain. More accurate counts can help you determine what areas to focus on to improve plant efficiency. The screen displays information for the number of birds processed, empty shackles, line speed (individually when applicable or as an average), down time and even break time! Primarily designed for Picking Lines and Evisceration Lines, the system can also be used on Dapec or Cut-Up lines to determine empty shackles and speeds.


The Berry Bird Counter is a Display Screen PLC. The Bird Counter System is comprised of Photo Eyes and Cables mounted on stainless steel brackets with shielded cables connecting to the PLC.

Features Include

The ability to reset the system at any time.


Check the photoeyes daily to make sure they are free of any obstructions and in proper alignment. Recommended to be mounted in a dry area such as Production Office or Electrical Room.