Diaphragm Pump

Model # B-DP-1

Specifically designed for the poultry, Berry's sanitary diaphragm pump can handle most any of your solids pumping needs.


By simply adjusting the air supply, the double diaphragm pump offers variable flow and discharge pressure up to 125 PSI. One pump can fit a broad spectrum of applications. Whether you're pumping a few gallons or 240 gallons per minute, you get the advantage of unlimited pumping capabilities.

There are no packing glands and no close-fitting, sliding or rotating parts to maintain. And because you have the ability to vary flow and discharge pressure, one pump can be used for a wider range of applications.

The pump stops immediately if discharge is clogged or closed, which means less power is consumed with no heat buildup and less wear. Just open the discharge and flow stats automatically.

Flap check valves with 3" diameter openings are a standard on this pump.

The air valve assembly is anti-stalling, non-icing and lubrication free.